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Business Reporting

Each area of business has its own special reports that reflect its marketing realities. Below, we’ll look at the most common reports for e-commerce and retail.

Before we build reports, we make sure two things:

1. Quality data to analyze
2. An attribution model that takes into account the peculiarities of your business

Overall report
An overall report allows you to quickly evaluate the effectiveness of your entire marketing department. Set up your report and monitor your department’s goals daily.

ROPO analysis
Online ads affect sales in physical stores. The only question is, do you know the exact numbers? The ROPO indicator varies depending on the goods, region, and customer demographics.

Cohort analysis
Different customer cohorts behave differently. So your approach to them must be different. But first, it’s necessary to understand what the differences are between cohorts and how you can benefit from those differences.

LTV report
How do you know how much profit you get from your customers over time? Will it pay off to attract a new customer? To figure that out, calculate customer lifetime value (LTV).

RFM analysis
An RFM (recency, frequency, monetary value) report helps you find out which buyers make your business the most profit. With this report, you can analyze customer behavior: how often customers buy and how much they buy from you. This data will also help you understand how to set up personalized marketing for your business.

Website micro-conversions
All customer activity on your site should result in a purchase. You may have a successful ad campaign that leads to a lot of targeted traffic, but if visitors fail to move items to the cart.

Internal site banners
It’s hard to imagine e-commerce without stock and a sell-off. Online stores use internal banners to advertise promotions. And, of course, these ads should be monitored in the same way as external advertising.

Analysis of CPA partners
Advertising from cost-per-action (CPA) partners can bring up to 20% of traffic to a site. The CPA model of advertising is effective, but in this sphere there’s a high level of fraud. Partner CPA activity reports can save your budget.

Analysis of purchased goods
In order to make decisions on managing the advertising budget, marketers need a report on the effectiveness of advertising based on real sales.

Landing page report
This report is needed to evaluate the effectiveness of traffic to landing pages.

Key takeaways
Before you create any report, you need to make sure you have all the data you need, that you can trust this data, and that you’re aware of all the nuances of your selected attribution model.


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